What is Helium 10: features, pricing and review

Helium 10 is a multi-tool platform for Amazon Sellers including 15 tools that can help you on your day by day selling on Amazon.

The platform was developed by Manny Coats, an expert Amazon Seller, who was looking for an all-in-one tool, but couldn’t find it on the market.

Helium 10 features

At the time we write this post, we know that these guys are working on a 16th tool to manage your Amazon PPC campaigns. While this tool’s not ready, let’s look at the other 15:

Follow Up

A review and feedback manager that will help you automating your customer feedback and getting more reviews. It basically works as an email platform with some rules. You can set the automatic emails and configure them to be sent once the order is sent, received by the customer, 2 days after the customer has received it… 

It can help you get more reviews, improve your seller feedback ratings, reduce the negative reviews and add extra value to your customers, as you’re following up every step of the process.

Hijacking Alerts

Some black hat tactics on Amazon include try to hijack your listing. Monitor your listings manually is impossible, so this tool Will help you to get real time alerts once:

A 24/7 system to keep your listings away from Black Hat tactics.

Black Box

Helium 10’s product research tool works for every Amazon marketplace. The tool lets you scout products by:

Helium 10 Black Box Tool


The perfect tool if you’re working with seasonal products. Trendster will give you data on whether product sales are rising on a certain month or quarter.


This is Helium’s keyword research tool. Magnet will let you search for keywords, their volume (on exact and broad phrase), revenue, sales for the past 90 days, fulfillment, competing products, sponsored ASINs on the search… and also track whether those keywords are on your product rankings or not.

Helium 10 Magnet Keyword Research Tool


Frankestein can process the keywords obtained by Magnet in bulk: remove duplicates, remove not interesting words from keyphrases (commercial brands, for ex.), replace texts… it’s basically a time saver. What you used to perform using an Excel sheet can be done online using Frankie.


A misspelling processing tool to include (or not) the misspellings included on your keyword research. Keep in mind that there are misspellings all over the Internet and Amazon is no exception, so you may wanna include them on your listings as they have low competition.


Once you got your keywords right, wouldn’t it be great to use them on your listings with a little help? That’s what Scribbles is all about. Scribbles will show you in an easy way if you’re using those keywords on your title, bullet points and description. Also, you will be able to check, in real time, how many characters do you have left in every content field of your product listing.

So this is a complete listing optimization tool that exports all the info into an Excel to update it manually to your Seller Central or, better and easier, it send the modified product information directly to your Seller Central using Amazon’s API (MWS).

Index Checker

Once you got your listings right, it’s time to check if they are being indexed by Amazon Search Algorithm (A9) right. That’s why 5K Checker it’s for. It will check if your listings are being indexed by Amazon for the desired keywords.

Helium 10 Index Checker Tool

Refund Genie

Reinbursement is always a pain in the ass. Refund Genie will help you identify your FBA reinbursements (lost or damaged inventory, unfair refunds…) so you can sum they up into an email and send them to the FBA contact center to get your money back.


This is one of Helium 10’s best known tools. You can get lots of keyword ideas and lots of competitors by reverse ASIN. Simply type the ASIN into Cerebro, select your marketplace and get a complete list of the keywords ranking or being used for the ASIN or a complete list of competitors. 

Cerebro will return the keyword’s search volume, competitors, sponsored ASINs, revenue, sales for the past 90 days or the Cerebro IQ Score, Helium 10’s own score to check if it’s easy or not to rank for a certain keyword.

Helium 10 Cerebro Reverse ASIN tool

Inventory Protector

Inventory hijacking is another black hat tactic used to break your listing’s stock. Did you know that you can set a maximum quantity of products that can be purchased by a single user? Well, you can. And it’s easier to set if you use this tool. 

If you are using promos or coupons to launch your products, setting a quantity limit is crucial.


This is Helium 10’s product research tool on their free Chrome Extension. You can find useful data directly on Amazon’s website such as:

Keyword Tracker

A keyword tracker for your products. Set up your ASINs and the keywords you want to track and the tool will return their rankings on real time.

The profit tool

A complete dashboard to keep track on your sales, revenues and margins across all the markets you are targeting.


Helium 10 includes 4 different plans, from a free one to an “all included”:

Free plan: $0 / month

A la carte plan

Platinum plan: $97 / month

Diamond plan: $197 / month

As you can see, the follow-up module is not integrated into the current plans, but you can purchase it separately

Helium 10 review

Helium 10 is one of the best all in one tools for Amazon Sellers I’ve tried so far. Why? Because for $97 a month you can have full access to 15 tools that will help you in a daily basis whether you are an FBM or FBA Seller or a Private Labeler.

If you consider other tools on the market such as Junglescout or Sellics… well, let me tell you Helium 10 has more features and also more accurate data. I’ve tried those tools myself comparing the data from the products I’m selling on Amazon and Helium 10 is the one who nails it.

Also, their adding new tools every 3-6 months, so you can add more tools to your daily set for the same price, which you can’t using Sellics, AMZScout or Junglescout.